Kristin Sokol’s training, The Thought Revolution, is an amusing and eye-opening look into how undesirable thoughts and critical inner dialogue can negatively influence performance if left unchecked.


Increasing awareness and correcting destructive patterns will have a noticeable effect on your results at work and in your personal life.   


Kristin uses good humor about real-life situations while discussing straightforward ideas that will create a monumental impact on the way we think about  obstacles in our paths to success.


Her revolutionary concepts are so simple they can be implemented immediately for clear results within days or hours.  


This enjoyable seminar is a catalyst that creates a revolutionary shift in mindset. Participants will discover methods that will improve their professional success and overall health. 

What others are saying about the Thought Revolution 

“Kristin has a gift for inspiring others. Her seminar is fantastic! Her ideas have helped me do things I never thought I could.”

Erin R., Project Manager

“We had Ms. Sokol as our keynote because we had heard such great things about her. She did not disappoint! All my employees left the seminar ready to kick it into high gear. We will definitely have her back again next year.”
Kimberly Jones, Event Planner